P2P services
universal mobile app for money remittances
Transfers by Phone Number
"Fundraising" for money collection
Money transfers by link
Money transfers to card
The possibilities of P2P services
There is no need to know a person's card number (PAN), it is enough to know only the phone number.

In order to receive money, you will only have to go to the link sent by SMS, and the money will be immediately credited to your account.
Transfers by Phone number
Money will be credited to the account immediately
Minimal information to fill out. The data is automatically pulled up the data are automatically filled in
Transparency of transfers — no hidden fees
Transfers within the local markets and abroad
Transfers to Card
Fundraising (Donations)
A convenient way to raise money for a general gift, trip, or other purpose.
If you work in the service industry – fundraising will make it easy and fast to get tips!
A convenient and fast way for bloggers to get donations!
Create a fundraising link in the app and share it with your friends. They won't have to fill out any details.
Send money using a link that can be sent via text message or scanned as a QR code.

You don't need to download an application Scan QR with your cell phone camera and get to the transfer receipt page. Put the card number to credit the funds into your account.
Transfers by link | QR code
Countries for international transfers